Visitor Remarks


“It is a matter of great honor for me to be chief guest in the certificate awarding ceremony of PDRM school. This school is doing a great service to the nation by imparting training for capacity building of police officers. Training over here will certainly improve performance of the police. I am impressed by the standard of training in the school. I wish the all the success. ”

Mr Gohar Ali Shah

“Very well organized school. This standard needs to be maintained. Well done! ”.

Mr Muhammad Karim Khan
Deputy Inspector General of Police training

“It’s an honor for me to visit Police School of Public Disorder & Riot Management Mardan and interact with the faculty and participants of such an excellent Place of learning. I wish best them all the all the best”.

Ms Nighat Mehroze
Director General National Institute of Management

“Today I visited the training school with my staff. Indeed it is a great honour for me as chief guest. I am fully satisfied from the performance of administrative staff. Well done keep it up. I really appreciated and congratulate your efforts. God bless you”.

Mr Imtiaz Shahid Qureshi
Minister for law and Human Rights KP

“I am pleased to visit Police School of Public disorder & Riot Management Mardan. It is an honour for me to be chief guest in certificate awarding ceremony. Such a high quality police training school in Mardan is a gift from Almighty Allah. I wish many successes and growth for this school”

Mr Sar Anjam Khan
Vice President PML (N)

“I am Pleased to visit Police school of Public Disorder & Riot Management Mardan. My participation in certificate awarding ceremony in a matter of great honour. School is maintaining very high standard of training. School has state of the art building which is providing very good environment for learning. I wish and pray progress for the school. Ameen”.

Mr. Sher Akbar

Today I visited the police school of Public Disorder & Riot Management Mardan. It is to mention here that administration of the school is in the hands of highly qualified people. This school is contributing much in the capacity building of law enforcing agencies.

Mr Abdul Rauf Baber
SP Operation/Investigation Mardan

“I am very pleased to visit Police School of Public Disorder & Riot management Mardan. I am very much impressed by the riot control and disorder management techniques being taught here. Participation of Army students was a welcome step. I wish the director of the academy and participants of the course all the best in future endeavors. KP Police has done best in maintaining law and order situation in the province. Best of luck, Allah be your guide and protector, Ameen”.

Mr. Zahid Hussain
Commandant Punjab Regt Centre Mardan

“I feel honored to be the chief guest of certificate awarding ceremony of this school. KP police has rendered great sacrifices to protect their motherland. The training at this school will be a great help to Khyber Pakhtunkhwa police. This school is playing a vital role in imparting modern training to the police force in maintaining public order. I wish this school best of the luck”

Mr. Mushtaq Semab
Tehsil Nazim Mardan

“Public Disorder Management is playing a very crucial role in training police force. It is actively involved in building and enhancing the capacity of KP Police to cope with situation of Public Disorder”.

Mr. Bakht Zada
Director Police School of Public Disorder & Riot Management Mardan

“It is a matter of great pride and honor for me to be invited as chief guest in this prestigious institution. The faculty and staff are doing a commendable job in training the police personnel about the important role of the crowd management. I hope and pray that the school and its faculty continuous to work with the same zeal and commitment.”

Mr. Shafi Ullah Gandapore
Superintendent Of Police, Investigation Mardan

“I am thankful to the administration of Police School of Public Disorder & Riot Management Mardan for inviting me as chief guest for certificate awarding ceremony. I very sincerely applaud the school for imparting modern training to the trainee officers and jawans of KP police.”

Mr. Jehan Zeb Khan
Superintendent Of Police

“I was impressed with quality of the Police school of Public Disorder & Riot Management Mardan. It was beyond my expectation to see such high quality of good management of the Police school. I wish this high standard of training is kept. Wish all the Police School all the best wishes.”

Nawabzada Arsallah Khan Hoti
Chairman PESCO, Peshawar

“I am extremely pleased to visit Police School of Public Disorder & Riot Management Mardan. This school is providing a high standard training to police officers in dealing with protests. I am really impressed by the administration of the school. The school building is very well maintained and everything is in proper order. I am sure that training in this school will greatly help the participants of the course in dealing the mob effectively and efficiently.”

Mr. Bashir Adil
President Mardan Press Club

“. It is always pleasure and honour to visit specialized school of police department as a chief guest. Mashallah! The school has not only developed its infrastructure but has also enhanced its capacities as far as training is concerned. I hope that this school will enable the KP Police to train its officer in handling law and order situation in an effective and efficient manner. salute to the brave men and women of KP Police”

Mr. Muhammad Alam Shinwari
Regional Police Officer Mardan

“It was a unique experience. I am deeply impressed by the facilities and more about the attitude of the staff. I will take each step to keep this institution working and wish to provide more health facilities to this school and its staff”.

Dr. Abdul Latif
MS DHQ Hospital Mardan

“It was indeed a great pleasure to visit this school. What a wonderful environment and the way it is being maintained. It speaks volumes of the devotion and dedication of the staff. Capacity building and training are the only ways of strengthen our force for effective law enforcement and counter terrorism. I was really impressed to see the quality of the training being imparted here. I wish the school and its faculty the best of luck”.

Qazi Jamee-Ur-Rahman
Director IB

“Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Police has rendered great sacrifices to protect their mother land. It has played a very important role against terrorism. The training at this school will be of great help to Khyber Pakhtunkhwa police. Well done keep it up. You have made us proved. ”

Mr. Amir Haider Khan Hoti
MNA, Former Chief Minister KPK
10 March, 2017

“Today I visited the School of Police School of Public Disorder & Riot Management Mardan. I was really very much impressed by the School building and modern techniques of training used in the school. The standard of training in the school is not less than any other developed country. I am very much optimistic that the future of the KP police is very bright, the people of the KP are in the safe hands. I pray for the prosper future of the school. ”.

Mr. Abdul Karim
Special Assistant to Chief Minister KP on Industrial development

“It is indeed a great pleasure for to have visited the police school of Public Disorder & Riot Management, Mardan. Let me congratulate the KP government and the KP Police for establishing this important institutions which is performing par excellence in providing knowledge and imparting training to our policemen in the domain of maintaining the public order. This important aspect within the jurisdiction of our police, hitherto, had remained totally neglected. I am very glad that this area has been amicably addressed by including in the historical new Police Act- 2017 recently passed by the KP Provincial Assembly. The legal cover know given to all new schools, initiated few years back, under the personnel interest and indulgence of our great incumbent flag bearer of police, IGP Nasir Khan Durrani, will ensure the transformation of these schools into great institutions in the times to come Insha Allah. I also take this opportunity to congratulate SP Mushtaq Ahmad, Director of PDRM and Col (Retd) Zafar Gul Director Academics for their excellent performance and upkeep of this beautifully located school, I wish them further progress and growth with success, Ameen”.

Ms. Aneesa Zeb
Minister for Labour and Minerals KP

“It is a matter of immense pride and honour for me to be invited at this prestigious institution today. The faculty and staff of the school are doing a commendable job in training the police personnel about the important role of crowd management. I hope and pray that the school and its faculty continues to work with same zeal and commitment”.

Muhammad Sohaib Ashraf
DPO Swabi

“I really pleased to visit Police School of Public Disorder & Riot Management Mardan. I don’t find suitable words to appreciate the high standard of training maintained by this school. I am grateful to Col® Zafar Gul and all school Management for inviting me as Chief Guest for the certificate awarding ceremony to the participant of Crime Scene Management. I pray for the success and growth of the school”.

Ms. Tahira Bikhari

“I am extremely happy to visit PDRM School Mardan and to see it prosper day by day. Col ® Zafar Gul & SP Mushtaq Ahmad are doing an excellent job here. I wish them best of luck.”.

Syed Fida Hassan
DIG Training, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Peshawar

“It was indeed a great occasion to visit this modern institution on a very modern issue of Public Disorder& Riot Management and to see your unmatched efforts for making KP police a role model for local and international policing. I wish you every success in future and pray for your bright future “.

Mr. Akhter Ali
Director Investigation Wing NAB (KP)

“It was indeed an honour and at the same time surprise to see such a wonderful institution. It is indeed one of the best and the credit apart from the current W/IGP Nasir Khan Durrani goes to the management of the school who are keeping the standard of this school at par with any International training school. I wish them all the best.”.

Dr. Mian Saeed
DPO Mardan

“I am pleased to visit Police School of Disorder & Riot Management Mardan. The concept of specialized schools and training is extremely impressive. It will not only enable police force to get continuous education but will also build the capacity and enhance the competency of police. It will help to develop a professional and people friendly police “.

Mr. Inayat Ullah
Senior Minister Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, Peshawar

“I Visited Police School of Public Disorder & Riot Management. I am deeply impressed with the infrastructure as well as faculty and level of courses being conducted here. The Training imparted by this institution will contribute a lot towards capacity building & effective handling of Mob and Riots ” .

Sohail Khalid
DPO Charsadda

“Today I am honoured to distribute certificates to the participants of Public Disorder & Riot Management course. The school proves to be the beacon light in the education and training of police officer of every rank in the modern techniques of policing. Since police has become very specialized therefore it is required to equip our police with specialized training and professionalism. This school is really contributing its part in this regard"

Ijaz Ahmad
RPO Mardan

“I am very much impressed by whatever I Have seen in few hours of my visit to this school. Please continue whatever you are doing and our government will support you (Inshallah). I suggest that kindly invite all the elected members of Provincial assembly to this kind of ceremony/seminar, so that they tell the people of KP that what our IG police and his departments are doing for the people of this province”.

Babar Saleem
MPA Khyber Pakhtunkhwa

“It is an honour to be here in the wonderful capacity building facility of KP Police and I have remarked that such all envisioned schools of specialized police training shall make the KP Police the best police in general and the KP Province in particular. The facility shows the standard maintained like world best practices. I pray for the furtherance of its greatness. I pay rich tribute to the creative, innovative and excellent vision showing KP police capacity building schools. ” .

Wahid Mehmood
DPO Nowshera

“it’s always a great pleasure and honor to visit the school. The school has proved to be the, “Alma Mater” for training the police officers in the modern technique and skills in the field of public disorder management. The building, course contents, guest speakers and faculty of the school speaks of volumes how high a standard has been set by the school. Prominent politicians, academicians, scholars, media persons and police officers are regularly delivering lectures at the school. The dedication of principal and course coordinator is praiseworthy. ”.

Ijaz Ahmad
RPO Mardan

“Police service today is faced with multifaceted issues, especially those working in the field formation. They have to perform a number of jobs and duties other than crime fighting and maintaining law and order. Police school of public disorder management is doing a tremendous job in making the capabilities of police officers for discharging their duties effectively”

Javed Iqbal
DPO Swabi

“Public Disorder Management is a very important part of policing and this school of Public Disorder Management, Mardan is playing an excellent part in building and enhancing the capacity of KP Policy to cope with situation of Public Disorder

Javed Iqbal
DPO Swabi

I am pleased on being here in Police School of Public Disorder & Riot Management Mardan. The school is imparting trainings on Public Disorder Management. A skilled police officer is useful for society. The image of the KP Police was comparatively better than other provinces which needs improvement through continuous trainings. It was indeed a great pleasure to saw this school and briefing presented to me. I pay salam/Tributes to the sacrifices of police martyrs.

Mian Iftikhar Hussain
Ex-Information Minster Khyber Pakhtunkhwa

It was an honor and privilege to visit the school today. KP Police has given many sacrifices and today peaceful atmosphere in the province due to these sacrifices. We salute KP Police and recognize its struggle and achievements.

Mr. Sikandar Hayat Khan Sherpao
Senior Minister Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, Peshawar.

It was indeed a great pleasure to be among my officers and Jawans, moreover the credit goes to Inspector General of Police Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Nasir Khan Durrani , to change the Police into the Changing environment. Who so ever speaks of on social Media about Naya Pakhtunkhwa, he has no option but to refer to KP police, even that may be topic of health, education etc. In Naya Pakhtunkhwa KP Police is in the fore front, the way it was in front in war against terror

Mr. Masood Khan Afridi
Ex- Addl: Inspector General of Police Khyber Pakhtunkhwa

I am really impressed today when i saw this school of Public Disorder & Riot Management Mardan. Col(R) Zafar Gul, SP Mushtaq Ahmad Director and Inspector Imrad Ali and all the staff, their course contents, their presentations are no less than any other country of the West. Moreover arranging such a program for the female for the first time is worth mentioning in a Provence like KP. I Salute you all and specially the IG Police and his vision. with prayers. Prof: Dr. Meher Taj Roghani Deputy Speaker KP Assembly.

Prof: Dr. Meher Taj Roghani
Deputy Speaker KP Assembly

Visiting the Police School of Public Disorder & Riot Management was indeed a privilege. Very impressive, building, not only that very impressive faculty and course contents, which is surely going to improve the Police Image in a very positive manner.

Mr. Fayaz Ahmad Khan toru
Ex-Inspector General of Police Khyber Pakhtunkhwa

I am very thankful of the administration of Police School of Public Disorder & Riot Management for inviting me here. I am really very much impressed to see the activities. Long live KPK Police.

Mr. Mushtaq Ahmad Ghani
Special Assistant to Chief Minister Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Peshawar

Today I attended certificate distribution ceremony of Mid Level Management Course in this school. I am happy to see this school progressing and delivering. I wish more success for this school, staff, academia and trainees.

Mr. Mian Muhammad Asif
Addle: Inspector General of Police HQrs Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Peshawar

It was a pleasure to visit this school today. The environment and training methodology explained to me was very practical and pertinent. The staff of the school are doing commendable job to fulfill the vision of Worthy Inspector General of Police Khyber Pakhtunkhwa. I wish the school well and having assumed charge as RPO Mardan recently I pledged my complete support and interest to this endeavor.

Muhammad Tahir
Regional Police Officer Mardan

‘‘I am pleased on being here as chief guest in Police Training School Mardan where trainees are educated in dealing with people in good manners. This training will eliminate the negative image of Police in society. I pray that the mission of the school may go a long way. (Ameen)’’

Fahad Riaz Khan
District Nazim Charsadda

It gives me immense pleasure to attend the certificate awarding ceremony as chief guest. The KP Police is transforming to international standards and its image is getting better day by day due to capacity building in police training schools. Soon KP police will match international standards for which credit goes to IGP Nasar Khan Durrani and DIG Mardan Saeed Khan Wazir.The establishment of DRC, Liaison Committees and involvement of community in Policing is a land mark, appreciated by public across the country.

Muhammad Sheraz Khan

I am pleased to attend the certificate awarding ceremony. I highly appreciate the training standard in KP Police where high quality of training is imparted which increase the capacity of Police. I strongly believe that this training will certainly improve the performance of Police for which all the credit goes to IGP Nasar Khan Durrani and his team’

Fayaz Ali Khan
Ex Nazim Swabi

Police role is very important in Pakistan. Just give one suggestion. Manners and attitude should be improved more.

Ubaid Ullah Mayar

I am pleased on being here with the trainees. The saying"speaking gently is better than to rule by fear".

Muhammad Ayub Khan
Tehsil Nazim Mardan

I was really impressed on my first visit to this school. I was happy to interact with trainees. Young and old all are keen to learn.

Rahimullah Yousafzai
The News (Editor Peshawar)

It is real pleasure to visit this school where highly valuable training is being given on scientific lines to police force to modernise their approach.

Prof: Dr Muhammad Anwar Hassan
Vice Chancellor Preston University Peshawar

I am very pleased to attend media workshop on "Role of media in maintaining public order in the society". It was very well organized, attended by renowned journalists. Very useful discussion was held in which academicians also participated. School Administration deserves "Shabash". Regional Police Officer Mardan Saeed Wazir is also taking personal interest in the affairs of the school. My all good wishes for the school. "Well done"

Mr Nasir Khan Durrani
Inspector General Of Police Khyber Pakhtunkhwa

It is impressive and appreciating that the police school of public disorder & riot management is regularly organizing courses for police, across the province, to equip them with modern techniques and build their capacity to cope with all types of situations. The sacrifices rendered by the police is great honour for them and for the country. It will always be kept in high esteem and respect by the present and coming generations. keep it up with such zeal and enthusiasm.

Himayatullah Mayar
District Nazim Mardan

It is indeed my proud privilege to attend certificate distribution ceremony of this school. Course contents, conduct of training and commitment of the faculty is impressive. No doubt, the school is a step forwarded towards achieving the goal of establishing a well-training and discipled police in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa.

Faisil Shahzad
District Police Officer Mardan

The police school of public disorder & riot management Mardan plays vital role for training of police officials to manage public disorder and riots. It is a right step of provincial police officer PPO Nasir Khan Durrani and his team in this direction. Mushtaq Khan Director has very nicely, intelligently organized the school by engaging university and other expertise on the subject. I think and hope that a day will come that police will be fully equipped with reason and logic to overcome violence in the society.

Himayatullah Mayar
District Nazim Mardan

I am extremely pleased to attend the concluding ceremony of Mid Level Management Course. I feel that the extent of the course participants should extend to other civil LEAs like Levies, and police etc. Moreover, the officers of District Administration like A.Cs/AACs etc should also be made part of this training for better mutual understanding and harmony.

Imran Hamid Sheikh
Deputy Commissioner Mardan

We are thankful to all the staff at the school for there hospitality we had a very interesting visit and hope, to come here again.

Albert Souza Mulli
Peace building advisor, DFID

An excellent and well equipped place to train the police. I have had very good experience over here. thanks for the hospitality.

Dr Imran Khan
Coordinator University of Engineering and Technology Mardan

Its immense pleasure and honour for us that today I along with my trainees(1st JCC) DSPs of KP, Pakistan Provincial Services Academy, visited this school. I solute the worthy IGP for promoting new innovations and ideas for KP Police. Staff ( Director) course coordinator, all are up to the mark. Keep it up.

Turab khan Jadoon
Faculty of law, Pakistan Provincial services academy

It was an honour being here. I must appreciate the professionalism of the school administration and faculty. I pray that the facilities available at the school go a long way in professional development of the police force.

Rab Nawaz Khan
District Police Officer Nowshera

Uniform is a pride. blessed are those who wear uniform. May the rest of Pakistan follow in the footsteps of the pride of Pakistan i-e Khyber Pakhtunkhwa police.

Engineer Ali Muhammad Khan Advocate

today on 18-09-2015 i visited this school met with Mushtaq Khan SP/Director of this school and other officers. this is state of the art building. in the Mid Level Management course approximately 20/25 officers participated. I hope these courses will contribute a lot in improvement of policing in future.

Shafiullah Khan
District Police Officer Charsadda

it is hoped that this specialized school will contribute in improvement of policing culture in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa.

Muhammad Saeed Khan
Regional Police Officer Mardan

Evening of well spent life brings its reward, plz be committed and make us proud.

Mr. Zahid Durrani
Advisor to the Chief Minister KP
19th June 2015

It is impressive and praise worthy. I really appreciate the training curse imparted to police officers by Police School of disorder & Riot Management Mardan

Mr. Himayat-u-llah Mayar
15th May 2015

Best wishes for the future of KP Police

Mr. Pervaiz Khattak
28th April 2015

On this very first visit to the ceremony of public disorder management course arranged by the director of the school under the DIG Mr.Saeed Khan Wazir & Mushtaq khan SP sab, I was impressed to see the order, cleanliness standard of class rooms and facilities for training within the premise of this police station. Honestly i felt that our police which is known for its bravery and vigilance is departing from the traditional system of using force and are very much on the path of using knowledge, skills negotiotion and coming to deal accordingly with public disorder under the dynamic leadership of the present DIG. I congratulate them for this new institution of making pakhtunkhwa a paradise

Dr Ihsan Ali (SI)
Vice Chancellor Abdul Wali Khan Unversity Mardan
13th March 2015

Always trust in Allah and be honest to your profession. Thanks

Mr. Mujahid Khan
13th Feb 2015