Training Facilities At School of Investigation:

  • Three lecture rooms
    Lecture rooms are used to deliver lectures on the respective course. Our lecture rooms are equipped with all the modern and technical gadgets and a comfortable & safe learning environment.

  • E-learning Room
    E-Learning room is used for training the police officers on Basic IT skills, Cellular forensic and about different IT gadgets in use of KP Police.

  • Syndicate Room
    Syndicate Room is used for group discussions and syndicate exercises.

  • Crime Scene Demonstration Room
    To train police personnel on importance of crime scene preservation, cordning off, collection of evidence, forensics photography, lifting of fingerprints & duties of first responder of crime scene.

  • Library
    Trainees are given full opportunity to consult crime scene investigation books, stories, old police cases & CDs.

  • Cafeteria
    Cafeteria has been established in order to provide refreshments to trainees during training session in neat & clean environment.

  • Security
    All neccessary security measures have been taken in order to provide safe and secure environment for training.

Training Sections:
The School for the training purposes has been divided into three sections.

  • Crime Scene Investigation Section (CSIS)

  • Cellular Forensics Section (CFS)

  • File Management Section (FMS)