IGP Message

The Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Police has faced myriad of challenges since the onset of terrorism and militancy after 2001. Initially, the province in general and the Police in particular were not prepared to effectively tackle and defeat the unprecedented wave of terrorism unleashed relentlessly. Subsequently, the Police planning was focused on countering terrorism and violent conflict. Priorities were re-drawn, human capital recruited, trained, and employed in accordance with those driving factors. Most capacity building interventions were, however directed at infrastructure, manpower, hardware and equipment up-gradation and lesser effort was put in to polish, groom, train and humanize the force. Read More
Specialized Schools
Date of Establishment: June 2014 Date of Establishment: July 2014 Date of Establishment: Feb 2015
Police School of Investigation, Peshawar
Police School of Intelligence, Abbottabad Police School of Explosive Handlings, Nowshera
Date of Establishment: April 2014 Date of Establishment: Sept 2014 Date of Establishment: Aug 2015
Police School of Public Disorder & Riot Management, Mardan Police School of Information Technology, Peshawar Police School of Tactacs, Peshawar