Faculty List


S.No Name Designation Subjects
1 Mr. Shafiq Ahmed Inspector/Sr. Instructor Explosive Mechanics, Low explosive, High Explosive, Train of explosive, Types of detonators/Construction, Safety Fuze, Detonating Cord , Homemade explosive, Initiation Systems, Mines, Types of Grenades, Mortars, Rockets, Arty Shells, Arty Fuzes, Shaped Charge, Crime Scene SOP, Documentation
2 Mr. Muhammad Iqbal Sub Insp/Instructor Introduction to IEDs Circuits, IEDs disposal by Water disrupter, Special Charges, Usage of Hook and Line Tool Kit, Searching of Crime Scene
3 Mr. Riaz Khan Sub Insp/Instructor Introduction to RCV, Disarming of suicide jacket, IEDs disposal by raging
4 Mr. Khalid Akbar Asstt: Sub Insp/Instructor Hand held Metal detector, Searching by Dog, Compound search, Area / rout search, Preservation of evidences, Practical exercises
5 Mr. Hazrat Ali Head Constable/Instructor Mine detector, Grudge Metal detector , Disarming of suicide jacket, Photo

Visiting Faculty List


S.No Name Designation Subjects
1 Mr. Muhammad Kamran Asst. Prof: IT
2 Dr. Amjid Ali Associate Prof: Electric Circuits
3 Dr. Qazi Waqar Ali Lecturer Electric Circuits
4 Dr. Zubair Khattak Assistant Prof: Chemistry
5 Dr. Waseem Assistant Prof: Chemistry
6 Dr. Hafiz Ullah Assistant Prof: Chemistry
7 Mr. Amjid Khan Lab Technician Electric Circuits
8 Mr. Kokab Farooq SP/Investigation Post Blast/Evidence Collection